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Bleach in the Gene Pool - Wolfe's Wanderings
Mindless meanderings and more about meeeeeeeeeeeee!
Bleach in the Gene Pool
Working two jobs isn't so bad. It really isn't. But I am still two seconds from quitting the job at the law firm. The paralegal is so fucking aggravating she completely destroys my hard-won chill towards things.

Is she not involved and/or is it not her job? Guess what, the instant she finds out about it, its her business now and you have to do it her way.

She insists on having everyone in the office have their e-mails also forward to her and then denies any access to the e-mails after shoving it in everyone's faces that she can read everything they get the instant it becomes a convenience to us and not simply a way of her lording over everyone.

Every other sentence out of her mouth is bitching about someone or something in the office. I have yet to hear her say anything positive about anything any time. Holiday time? She's too busy it's just making her work more. Free lunch? Too annoying to make the phone call to order it but no one else can be trusted to order. Saving money on expenses? Why isn't it going into her paycheck.

So pissed off right now. And the only problem with the job is her. Literally only her. Everything else is manageable.


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c_maxx From: c_maxx Date: November 26th, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
She sounds really hard to take. I have a friend who went to AlAnon, very successfully, to help herself detach from her boss's issues, in case you have the urge to try it...

Either way,
Take care, friend!
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