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Wolfe's Wanderings
Mindless meanderings and more about meeeeeeeeeeeee!
So there's some footage out of the guy who replaced Andy Whitfield as Spartacus.

I desperately wish Andy hadn't died. The new guy needs to hit the gym, needs to shave, needs to not try to growl through every line.

I love that the show is going on. I do. But the replacement could have been better.

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Fuck you ECS. I'm done. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Years of work to be treated like shit for helping.

You wonder why you're hemorrhaging members, this is why. People work their asses off volunteering and you arrogant asses bitch behind their backs and then yell at them that they aren't doing enough for you.

This is exactly the reason I stopped doing anything for human based charities for so long.

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My job makes me homicidal. Since the company was bought out I have not had a single 18hr period where they have not tried to contact me, drag me back to the office, or get something from me. I'm sans health insurance, yet somehow have dental insurance. The holiday time I just got disappeared with the takeover and they keep me stuck at the office well past 8hrs. The level of complete and utter incompetence and deliberate ignorance of how to run a business is unbelievable. They don't seem to think anything is wrong with the insane rate customers have started to drop us since the takeover. Oh, and they changed my days off to suit the desires of all the people they just hired. Nice to know what seniority I have is completely meaningless.

I am probably also losing my second job. The owner recently partnered up with someone and the new partner's wife feels the need to be "productive" and so has decided to take over my job. It doesn't matter that she has no idea how to do book-keeping or handle business filings.

I need to get my business ideas off the ground but even now I'm barely home enough to take care of my house much less work on anything.

I've been looking for a new job for months and not even getting a single look has been very disheartening. The most solid chance I had was ruined by their inter-office politics.

There are days where all I want to do is lose myself at the bottom of a bottle, but those times I've had the opportunity to drink even my preferred beers taste like sewage.

On the upside I'm fighting again and I do seem to be making some progress with my personal trainer. I also met someone with whom I was immediately compatible and apparently we have chemistry at a level that has people commenting. Too bad she's taken. I did, finally, get my beer fridge.

I can't think of anything else positive going on for me right now. Yeah, a few hours of fun here and there are happening, but that's about it.

How sad is it that the consistently best part of my week is watching Fashion Police with Joan Rivers?

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I gotta agree with men: Straight girls are teases and to pretend otherwise is silly.

So, I spent part of last night with my hands bound being used as a chew toy and stripper pole by two attractive straight girls. No biggie. Not the first time. I never mind a little fun and I knew nothing would come of it since one is a friend and the other came with her husband so no need to get into it. Then the unattached straight girl, my friend, says she's had carnal thoughts of me.

Great. You and I both know you're not going to put out for me, so why bother saying anything.

This was like that roomie from a few Yaoicons back that told me all about her boyfriend and then all but humped my leg while making a poor attempt at seduction. Or the one chick who kept drunkenly insisting she wanted me then all but ran to introduce me to her boyfriend.

I don't mind being groped, spanked, tied up, licked, nibbled on, or rubbed against by friends (or friends of friends) in jest or in drunken party spirit. Happens all the time, and I've done it to others too.

But don't open your mouth and try to make it seem like anything more than party antics. Maybe you were a little curious about the physical aspect and used booze as an excuse to dip your toe in the pool, but don't say you've thought about jumping in or pretend to want to jump in. We all know it's a lie.

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I'm on my second new laptop. The first would blue screen of death coming out of sleep occasionally. Normally not something to worry about, on an old computer, but multiple times on a brand new system? Yeah, exchanged.

So far no problems with the new one. Did get most of the programs installed and set up my old laptop to host files and share via ftp on my home network, ripped a bunch of stuff off my DVR before it completely failed. Yeah. DVR died too. And my wireless router. Got replacements for both and I am back up and mostly running again.

Getting ready for my trip to Portland. Actually, I'm not. I should be, but I'm reveling in the feeling of having two days off where I'm not working on anything and am not sick.

I've done the important stuff and figured out the public transportation enough to get me from the airport to my hotel to all the food places I want to hit up (and the research of where to eat) and back. Kind of thinking of what to pack. I don't know yet. I suppose I should research the weather before I go so I make sure I bring the right things.

Voodoo donuts, here I come. Rogue Brewery Pub, I will bask in your glory soon. Oh so soon.

Oh yeah. Oregon Brewers Festival. Hells yeah.

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Japan v USA!! Japan v USA!!!!! And I should be home when they play!!! WOOOHOOO!!!


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England - I am disappointed. You don't deserve more from me right now.
USA - OH MY GOD ABBY!!!! About fucking time! USA! USA! USA! USA!
Brazil - So sorry but, USA! USA! USA! Oh, and you might want to fire Daiane.

In defense of the lateness of my responses, I have been partying for two straight days celebrating my 30th.

A couple years ago, all I wanted for my birthday was Dan Henderson to hand Michael Bisping his ass. And I watched as he not only won, but just... it was beautiful. This year what I wanted was Japan and USA to move on and THEY DID!!! They moved forward in as dramatic fashion as you can possibly imagine.

I have no idea what the team rules regarding sex during tournament are, but you know that yesterday, if they so desired, Megan, Hope, and Abby could have gotten anyone they wanted in their beds after that game. And they would have totally deserved it.

Now, Japan and USA better win their respective games in the semis. I am willing to agonize over who to cheer for in the finals.

This whole tournament has done nothing but solidify my belief that the best thing that could happen to the Olympics in this country is for ESPN to win the bid for the tv airing rights. (I can get past my anger at ABC/Disney for their handling of Legend of the Seeker for better Olympic coverage) Their coverage is better, their commentators are more informed, their online viewing features are more robust and focused. AND, when they interviewed Marta, they didn't overdub her and instead ran subtitles, always a plus in my book. NBC should just give up. They got nothing but justified hate for their bungling of the last couple Olympics. They LOST over $200 million dollars on the Vancouver Olympics. I'm not holding my breath for the London Olympics. I don't know what is wrong with the execs over at NBC but they keep getting beautiful things given to them and they just destroy them or throw them away.

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I got my t-shirt company up and running in time for Combat Con, just for Combat Con to be worst than a bust. When a con is so slow James the Just can't sell anything at a fighting event, it's bad. It was so mishandled that I and my booth buddies are organizing a convention ourselves to show that it can be done properly and that "it's the first year" is not an excuse.

In other news, I confirmed what I've suspected for a couple of weeks. Some of my undergarments are missing. Specifically, I am missing two pairs of underwear and a sports bra. They are not in the laundry, they are not misplaced, they are not in my overnight bag, they are not in my drunk kit. Gone. It's more than a little annoying because it throws off my laundry cycle until I get a chance to get replacements. Also, it's kinda creepy because I know almost the exact time they went missing, but nothing else in my house appears to be missing and I did not travel and no one came to my house.

Flash floods in my neighborhood yesterday were all over the news. Apparently my major intersection got the absolute worst of yesterday's storm. It was sunny, I went into a grocery store, came out 5 minutes later, and debris was sailing through the parking lot while the rain came down at 45 degrees. In the few seconds it took to get in my car, I was soaked. An hour after I got home, the intersection I passed through was a lake and cars were floating through it being pushed by people. It was all over the news and apparently the rainfall broke a record by almost double the previous record.

Work sucks. I'm seriously considering just leaving my keys in the office and not showing up after that. But, I have a mortgage, I need to eat. So, basically, I've been spending almost all my free time at work looking for other jobs. I spend an hour a day at home looking for another job. I just need out of my current job so badly. I need all my side stuff to start generating enough money to pay my bills and not just enough to go out a few extra times a month.

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I like my buddy Tiberius, I do. But right now is one of those times I just want to take his laptop and bash him over the head with it to stop him from flooding our facebook group with inane posts about how we're supposed to help our buddy Knubbs collect info, thereby completely burying the post in which Knubbs asks for the information.

I wish Facebook had a gag feature so admins can set a time period in which members cannot post to a group.
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Scenario 1: Rapture occurs, you are raptured.
Response: Laugh at the assholes who said you were going to hell because you were a non-believer.

Scenario 2: Rapture occurs, you are not raptured.
Response: Laugh at the assholes who said you were going to hell since they're still here too.

Scenario 3: Rapture doesn't occur.
Response: Laugh at the assholes who tried to scare you into believing with tales of post-Rapture horror.

Scenario 4: Rapture occurs, no one knows because no one was raptured.
Response: Wait for the apocalypse, then laugh at the assholes who weren't pure enough either.

This has been One Pastafarian's Guide to Reacting to the Rapture. And remember, the Pastafarian heaven has a beer volcano and a stripper factory. As does the Pastafarian hell (but the beer is flat and the strippers have STDs).
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